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    8th Debrecziner Gourmet Festival

8th Debrecziner Gourmet Festival

Debrecen, Nagyerdő
June 14-16. 2024

Tastefullness, Palya Bea and the scent of the forest in Debrecen.
You can all secure your place this year for our annual Debrecziner Gourmet Festival.

In 2024 this summer we are hosting the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival for the 8th time at Nagyerdő.
Between June the 14th and 16th the finest chefs and restaurants come together in Debrecen, to demonstrate, how sensational Hungary’s gastronomy is!
From the stylish rural restaurants, to Debrecen’s finests, there are also plenty guest star chefs joining us. Let it be fine dining, bistros or food trucks, we can be sure, that they are constantly searching for new ways to create our meals with boldly seasoned creativity.
Visitors of our three day gathering cannot only enjoy these delicious bites, exciting textures and unique ingredient pairings, but also the fantastic desserts, handcrafted beers, quality wines and innovative coctails.
Founded in 2018, the best exhibitor can take home the Debrecziner Gourmet prize selected by audience voting.


Free entrance for children under 12 and for pensioners.

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2.900 Ft
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3.600 Ft
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7.000 Ft
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The festival audience can already be sure to meet: Iszkor (Mályinka), Páva (Székelyudvarhely), Bobajka (Tarcal), Almavirág (Derecske), Horgonyzó (Tiszalök). There will be no shortage of quality music: on Saturday, Palya Bea and her band, and on Sunday, Zaporozsec will perform on the stage of Debrecziner Gourmet.

Palya Bea
Thür Ádám
Jókuti András
Mede Ádám
DJ Németi
Lakatos Laci
Stand Up Comedy
17:00-17:30 DSZC programmes
18:00-18:30 City wine presentation with Visit Debrecen
19:00-20:00 Stand Up Comedy with Laci Lakatos
21:00-23:30 European Championship Opening Match ( Germany-Scotland )
23:30-01:00 DJ Németi
11:30-13:00 OPENING - Dj set
13:00-14:00 Essence of Life Cooking Show with Tiago Sabarigo & Éva Jenei
14:00-15:00 Jani Mizsei MÁK Bistro Cooking Show
15:00-16:00 Round table discussion with Street Kitchen
16:00-17:00 The Bocus d'or story Discussion and cooking with Szabi Balogh
17:00-17:45 Molecular Cocktail Show with Andris Kinczler
19:30-21:00 Palya Bea Concert
15:00-17:00 European Championship ( Hungary-Switzerland )
18:00-19:30 EB Mérkőzés közvetítés ( Spanyolország-Horvátország )
21:00-23:30 European Championship ( Italy-Albania )
1:00 CLOSING - Afterparty at Egoist
12:00-13:00 Brunch with our Restaurants
13:00-14:00 Miele Cooking Show with Sándor Kis
14:00-14:30 The Art of Coffee Roasting with Wellington
14:45-15:30 Adam Mede Cooking Show
15:50-16:00 Audience Award Ceremony
17:00-18:00 Zaporozsec Concert
15:00-17:00 European Championship ( Poland-Netherlands )
18:00-20:00 European Championship ( Slovenia-Denmark )
21:00-23:30 European Championship ( Serbia - England )


Food Drink Other
Fricska 2.0 (Budapest)

Contemporary Hungarian, Central European kitchen, fresh ingredient based menus. Centered near the heart of the city and the world famous Jewish Corner of Budapest, Awarded with a Michelin Guide recommendation. Large selection of Hungarian wines, which are all from small local wineries.

Szomszéd Bisztro
Szomszéd Bisztró (Debrecen)

Szomszéd Bistro was born in the embrace of families, as a family business. It is dedicated to representing the values of the residents in the neighbourhood and serving the needs of the families.

"We are one of the families that live here and we are probably the most at home  We want to evoke the kitchen secrets of older generations and the smell of grandma's foods by wrapping it in a trendier gastro robe. We want to add the umami to the food, which is just that little extra that comes from the love of serving foods. We make every generation feel like they can come home. Our guests are greeted by a loving environment, greeted by familiar faces. The staff of the bistro itself, combining the attitudes and experience of several generations, strive to work as a harmonious unit and leave no one without a sense of satisfaction."

Vadaskert Vendéglő (Hajdúszoboszló)

In our restaurant, traditional flavors and grandma's recipes merge with the expertise of our modern chefs. Set in a nature-friendly environment, we offer dishes deeply rooted in the past yet fresh and flavorful. The aroma of oven-baked delicacies and the scent of fruit trees promise a journey through the realm of flavors with every bite. We pay special attention to sourcing ingredients from family farms. Our family restaurant is a lifelong gastronomic adventure where every bite creates a memorable moment for our guests.

Almavirág Étterem (Derecske)

"Almavirág Restaurant, where flavours and experiences meet. Pork and apples are the main characters in our cuisine, which we use to create special dishes and delicious meals and drinks. Thanks to the rural gastronomy, every bite invites you on a real journey. Our team is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who do their utmost to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable experience. And our accolades are a testament to the heart and soul we put into our work

Páva (Székelyudvar)

The philosophy of the Páva restaurant from Székelyudvarhely is to use present the Transylvanian culinary heritage through their owen perspective, while using local, seasonal ingredients. Taste of Transylvania is closely related to the restaurant, and they have very similar goals, while also providing a framework where amateurs and professional chefs alike can present these values to a much larger audience. 

Table x VID (Budapest x Eger)

"The TABLE Suite Restaurant & Event Space is unrivalled in the Hungarian
The TABLE Suite Suite Suite Suite is a unique in its kind in gastronomy: a residential restaurant, an exclusive event venue and an extravagant cooking school. We offer you the cosiness of a home restaurant, the elegance of a bourgeoisie and the discretion of a business, quality food and drinks, all supported by outstanding service and many years of expertise."

"We love to be creative and making new things. This mentality led to the creation of our "VID" branded drink in spring 2018. Our slogan is "life is better VID you". Our product development goes back more than 4 years. We were the first in the world to create a drink from the meeting of coffee and wine - called VID. We are proud to have developed a methodology whereby the gastronomic characteristics of VID remain constant regardless of external factors affecting wine and coffee."

VID x Table:
We would like to present you this weekend with a composition where sophisticated tastes are paired with extravagant ideas to create something where fingers don't go unlicked. The four building blocks symbolize different parts of the world, brought together for you from carefully selected ingredients, complemented by drink specialities. The earth represents Africa, the fire Central America, the wind Asia, the water the Mediterranean and the fifth element is a reimagined version of a dessert we know well at home. Eat, drink and be part of a gastronomic journey around the world, that's what we offer you this weekend!

Horgonyzó Kisvendéglő Tiszalök
Horgonyzó (Tiszalök)

The Anchor Restaurant is a cosy family restaurant hidden among the 50-year-old trees of the Tiszalök Ancient Resort with Attila Takács at the helm. Always fresh fish dishes, wood-fired oven in a real, heart and soul made Hungarian and "anchor" dishes to please the visitors. They choose only the best local and seasonal ingredients, as they learned from the creative chef Péter Pataky, and cook with a smile on their face, just like grandma used to do.

This sincerity and desire to create value has also been felt by the Dining Guide, Hungary's most influential restaurant guide, which has included Horgorgzó Kisvendéglőt in its list of Hungary's 100 best restaurants every year since it opened, as well as in its 10+1 list of the country's 11 best family restaurants.The Horgonyzó Kisvendéglő was awarded a plate in 2022 and 2023 by the Michelin Guide, the world's most authoritative gastronomic guide, which means it is a highly recommended restaurant where you can enjoy honest, lovingly prepared food.

Grillakadémia (Debrecen)

For us, the Barbecue Academy means reviving the ancient relationship between man and fire. We translate this collaboration into our food preparation over smouldering charcoal and crackling fire. Our aim is to impress our visitors with a completely unique, alternative dining experience. We offer our guests a variety of events throughout the year, whether it's a BBQ Academy, BBQ workshop, open day or Saturday barbecue party. Our private courtyard is a place where you can hide away from the noise of the world. Here we can find refuge to recharge in the embrace of nature. We showcase the beauty and flavours of BBQ & GRILL techniques through our own experiences and expertise. We use wood and charcoal fired ovens where you can feel and understand the magical dance of fire and embers. This special flavour is what makes us unique.

Bobajka (Tokaj)

Bobajka is the restaurant of the Andrássy Mansion & Spa, celebrating the traditions, wine culture and local producers of the Tokaj region. The restaurant, Bobajka, boasts a Michelin Guide recommendation, interpreting the flavours of the region in a modern and progressive way. Andrássy Mansion works closely with local producers and wineries to offer traditional flavours and ingredients of the highest quality. The hotel not only offers a gastronomic experience, but also actively contributes to the economic development of the region through its close relationship with the local community. The restaurant's wine selection consists exclusively of Tokaj wines, showcasing the region's wine heritage and diversity. Bobajka is not just a restaurant, but a place where Tokaj wines and food come together to bring a unique taste experience and culture to its guests. 

Iszkor (Mályinka)

A small country bistro on the banks of a stream, next to the wild forests of the Bükk - that's Iszkor in a nutshell. But for almost two years now, it has been developing with us, trying to bring new colour to the "wild east" by building on the best producers in the area. We welcome you with a small but familiar atmosphere, with a menu that changes almost daily, in the neighbourhood of the national park, with a fire crackling in the fireplace in winter and a huge terrace in summer, with the sound of a babbling brook in the background. In a building that began its career as the village pub but has now earned the right to be called a restaurant - which we tore down brick by brick with our own two hands, only to rebuild it in the same way, with our own tastes, local wines, home-made beers, fresh produce from local farmers who call themselves our friends.

Mirage (Hajdúszoboszló)

Mirage's style is dominated by a harmony of tradition and innovation. Our cuisine philosophy is based on a balance of innovation and tradition, combining the elegance of a steak restaurant with the flavours of popular bistro cuisine. Our spectacular kitchen takes food service to a new level, creating an interactive gastronomic experience, while fresh, local ingredients guarantee a refined
flavours and uniqueness. Experience Mirage's reimagined style and enjoy a gastronomic experience with a fresh, modern approach!

A leves
A Leves (Miskolc)

The Leves and Borsod Burger: the meeting of two well-known Miskolc brands in one shop on the historic pedestrian street of Miskolc. Only young and relaxed, whether it's brunch, quality lunch menu, Asian flavours, dinner, burger or the well-known house parties. All with total dedication, quality and love for YOU... When you near by, remember... "GO TO THE SOUP (Leves)!

IKON Debrecen
IKON Debrecen

At IKON restaurant, they strive to present the diversity of local ingredients, taking into account local values, needs and seasonality.
One of the best restaurants of the region, under the leadership of chef Ádám Thür, they are fond of going back to traditional flavours, recalling them, but giving them a new look and technology. The aim is to give a defining taste experience. 

Vino Bar ’N Bistro (Kisvárda)

The Vino Bar ’n Bistro is offering a wide choice of high quality food and beverages in the eastern region of the country. The mission of the restaurant is to maintain heritage and common values and showcase them in a modern way.

Fácánliget (Nádudvar)

Fácánliget - where the peaceful Alföld landscape meets modern style and refined gastronomy. This captivating location is located near Nádudvar and has become a real gastronomic refuge for all those who want to escape from the busy city for a cozy and close to nature lunch every day. Fácánliget is the perfect combination of traditional Hungarian flavors and innovative creativity. The kitchen at Fácánliget is committed to authentic Hungarian quality, which is why they use the best local ingredients to create their dishes. Over the years, it has hosted hundreds of weddings, family events, and corporate events, and it is most proud of the fact that its guests return time and time again for the exciting dishes that always provide a special culinary experience.

Wok to Box
Wok to Box (Debrecen)

The mission of Wok to Box is to familiarize the wide public with the authentic Asian flavours. To ensure this all our courses, we serve, are made with fresh, high quality ingredients only. In our offer we provide the most popular dishes of the Far East which we perfectionated during our trips to Asia.

Wellington Coffee and Pie

The cosy downtown café has established its popularity with its own roasted specialty coffees and quality desserts, but in the past two years, the Wellington has become not only an ambassador for New Zealand pie and wine, but also a serious gastronomic destination. The sophisticated and varied daily lunch is always full of surprises, and the monthly wine dinners attract a serious and savvy audience. This year's festival will feature the inevitable savoury pies, as well as dishes and desserts reminiscent of the refined flavour pairings of the wine dinners, accompanied by a special selection of exciting coffee drinks.

Pavillon de Paris
Pavillon de Paris

Pavillon de Paris is a magical, romantic restaurant in the heart of Budapest. In fine weather we welcome our guests in our beautiful garden, and in cooler weather we offer a fabulous view of the garden from the indoor pavilion. The Pavillon de Paris is the most romantic and charming venue in town, whether it's a business lunch, a dinner for two or even a birthday party. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere, the sophisticated flavours of our dishes speak for themselves, inspired by the magic of French gastronomy.

Végállomás Bistro & Wine
Végállomás Bisztro and Wine

The Végállomás bistro & wine: the building of the State Forest Railway in Miskolc has been home to our bistro kitchen, which is also recommended by the MICHELIN guide, based on regional principles, since 2022. The forest and the exciting treasures of Bükk are just an arm's length away, which we add to the endless playground of flavors with regional products. The seasons and the supply of local producers determine exactly what raw materials we work with, looking for the highest quality in them. We trust the local farmers and inspire each other so that the end result of the restaurant is a flawless and exciting gastronomic experience, organically connected to the exciting world of wine.

Babel Budapest

The meaning of the name Babel in our context is: to reach the divine, to reach the top. We strive to reach this gastronomic height. Babel Budapest, a Michelin-starred restaurant, is committed to the principle of being ingredient-centric. The team aim to seek out and use the best ingredients from the region, while Executive Chef Kornél Kaszás and his team have international experience spanning continents, which can be seen in many of our dishes.

KIOSK Budapest

A meeting place in the capital with cheeky bistro dishes, a magnificent terrace and garden, and a panoramic view of the Danube. The professional management of KIOSK Budapest has been taken over by the kitchen and service managers of the Michelin-starred Babel Budapest, which is part of our restaurant, and the new concept offers a fresh and casual menu. The concept update was all about keeping our crowd favourite dishes and taking them to the next level.

Panificio Il Basilico
Panificio il Basilico Debrecen

With leaven and love for two years also in Debrecen, the Panificio il Basilico Debrecen.

One of the country's best known bakers, Szabolcs Szabadfi, or Szabi the Baker as he is known to most, celebrated the 2nd anniversary of his Debrecen bakery in December. In addition to leavened artisan bakery products and flower donuts, the shop also offers a small range of delicacies, including sausages, jams, sauces, syrups, honeys, pastas, teas, dairy products and cheeses, all made exclusively from organic, additive-free products. The bakery's breakfast designation has been complete since December, when the shop started selling hot breakfasts, which also use ingredients from local producers. On a monthly basis, children can take part in bake-offs, usually themed around the current festive season. Preparations for the festival and the summer season will soon begin, and the products will be expanded with a summer offer of fresh seasonal ingredients, many of which come from the garden that supplies the bakery, for which, among other things, they recently received a Sustainability Award from Future of Debrecen. Responsible for the continuous renewal and operation, Szabi the Baker's "right hand man" in Debrecen, János Vígh, comes up with lots of new ideas. In addition to the usual and summer flavours, they are preparing for the summer with an open terrace, leavened langos and as many festival appearances as possible.

Jardin Cukrászda
Jardin Cukrászda (Debrecen)

Jardin is a little bite of Paris in the heart of Debrecen

We adore modern French pastry which means light, airy desserts with simple but stunning look, exciting textures and interesting flavour combinations for us. We use all the french pastry technologies to prepare mono desserts, choux, laminated and croissant doughs.

We don’t compromise when we choose ingredients. We only use the highest quality chocolates, fruits and dairy products. We try to work in a substainable way and therefore we prefer working with local farmers.

The Macaron Bites
The Macaron Bites (Debrecen)

Gourmet macarons? Yes, it exists We are the ones who hide happiness and delicacy in every bite. This year's theme of the gourmet festival captivated us, so we are preparing really gourmet and special macarons. With us, quality and good mood are always guaranteed! Visit us and taste the fun in a bite-sized macaron!

Bestillo Pálinka

BESTILLO takes great care to select the fruit for brandy not only by variety and quality, but also by growing area. Like former guild masters, our master brewers have gathered their knowledge and experience in search of the best. We know the fruit, the effects of natural changes, the land, the local, centuries-old customs as well as the latest trends and techniques. We make pure brandies that carry a clear message of the character of the fruit and the added human experience and knowledge. We enjoy what we do and are happy when others enjoy BETILLO brandies.

Nagyerdei Pálinkaműhely
Nagyerdei Pálinkaműhely

Nagyerdei Pálinkaműhely is the only known fruit spirit enterprise in Debrecen, which aims to present the original Hungarian palinka beverage and to be part of the local gastronomy. We continuously strive to procure and process the most delicious fruits and to make the final product carefully with our best knowledge. Our services are taking part of the local festivals, holding professional presentations, and organizing group tasting events to individuals as well as to companies. We believe that every single drop of a well-made palinka is a moment of savor.

UGAR Brewery

"88,3% of the stories about brewing start’s with „I made my first beer in my kitchen/bathroom/garage/father’s shed”.

We had the same situation, our place of choice was the kitchen. The memorable start and our love for beer inspired us to do brewing as a hobby. The kitchen technics have been replaced by a 500 sqm brewery with a fermentatoin space of 9000l, which comlpy’s to the most modern regulations, and we are working harder than ever before. That’s why Ugar is not just a beer! That’s how we do it, enjoy the tastes and the tales! And one more thing:

"You dont have to believe it, just try it!


This brewery is 100 % Hungarian owned one located in Székesfehérvár. The fermentation capacity is 40,000 litres and 12 types of beer are available for our consumers.

One Eleven
One eleven

The @neelevenroastery is owned by Attila Molnár, a well-known coffee expert. Attila has lived quite a few professional success stories as coffeeshop chain manager, founder of one of the first speciality espresso bars here, barista world championship finalist or coffee tool and drink developer. His new project is the @opuszterem on the floor of the roastery, where the country's first "fine tasting" restaurant dedicated to coffee is located. Here coffee is not only considered as a raw material, but is considered also from a conceptual and sustainability point of view.



Boutiq' Bar
Boutiq Bár
DiVino Debrecen




The festival’s entrance can be approached from University of Debrecen (Nagyerdei körút).

If you come by tram, get off at Egyetem megálló stop. If you come by car, you can park at Nagyerdei körút, Pallagi út or in the garage of Nagyerdei Stadion.

4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút Békás-tó


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